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Simple - Light - Affordable

Get the most advanced electric APU for 1/3 of the cost of Diesel APU from Polar Fox Technologies.

Quick Installation

System Scalability

System Integration

Electric APUs for Semi Trucks - Polar Fox APU

Top-Rated APU Units for Semi Trucks to Reduce Idling and Save Fuel

Polar Fox APU offers state-of-the-art electric APUs for semi trucks, providing a cost-effective solution for reducing idling and enhancing driver comfort. Our APU units are designed to deliver superior performance and reliability, making them the perfect choice for truck drivers, fleet managers, and owner-operators

Polar Fox APU T-Model
Polar Fox APU

Built for Truckers, by Truckers

Introducing Polar Fox eAPU systems, the ultimate solution tailored to meet the unique needs of the modern trucker.

Designed by individuals who have logged countless miles on the road, our eAPU systems prioritize affordability, simplicity, and reliability – because we understand what matters most to you.

Experience quick and hassle-free installation, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency on the road. With easy maintenance and intuitive operation, our systems keep you moving forward without missing a beat.

Join the countless truckers who have already made the switch to Polar Fox eAPU systems and discover the difference firsthand. It's time to upgrade your trucking experience with the solution crafted with you in mind."

Quick Installation

System Scalability

System Integration


Our range of eAPU models boasts multiple tiers, ensuring that every customer finds the ideal fit for their requirements. Don't compromise on quality or performance - choose Polar Fox Technologies for a seamless experience that exceeds your expectations. Unlock the power of innovation today!

polar fox v-model


All-in-one A/C system, quick installation and rapid replacement.

polar fox t-model 12v

T-Model 12V

Classic split system, perfect for limited bunk space application.

polar fox t-model 24v

T-Model 24V

30% cooling capacity increase compared to a 12V system.

Polar Fox APU System Highlights

Introducing our revolutionary APU system,

designed to elevate your trucking experience to new heights.​


For just $5,500, you can have the most advanced lithium powered APU installed on your truck. We offer the truly affordable APU on the market!

Advanced Technology

No more endless maintenance and repair of Diesel APU, and no more 600 lbs for AGM, you get the most advanced Lithium technology

Quick Installation

Get the most advanced electric APU on the market installed for just 1 day. Yep, just ONE day!

Light Weight

Negative 50 lbs? Yes, you will reduce 50 lbs or more to install our Starter system!


As a truck owner, running a successful business hinges on making intelligent decisions. One such decision involves minimizing idle time, which can incur significant costs. Rather than wasting over $1,000 per month on idling expenses, why not consider installing an APU today? With excellent financing options available from Synchrony Bank and New Lane Finance, you can start saving money immediately

APU Financing - Synchrony Bank

Synchrony Finance

Getting your APU installed today with a 6-month no interest financing

APY Financing - Synchrony Bank
APU Financing - NewLane Finance

NewLane Finance

Industry leading lease option with low monthly payment from Newlane Finance

APU Financing - NewLane Finance


Very professional installation, customer service and upgront information! I am so proud to have been the "polit installation" for this EPU. Thank you for taking on the challenges and customzing my truck without any additional cost then what was quoted.


Need help to decide which model works best for you?

The quickest way to get a hold of us is to send us a simple message here. We usually get back with you the same or next business day!

Polar Fox eAPU - Contact


How to Finance an APU?

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